Pinellas County, Florida uses Child Opportunity Index

The Juvenile Welfare Board and University of South Florida used the COI to explore chronic absenteeism in Pinellas County schools
Published: 02.18.2015 Updated: 12.22.2019

The Juvenile Welfare Board and the University of South Florida have combined forces to work on a cross-site demonstration project for the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, run by the Urban Institute. They have worked with researchers at to use Child Opportunity Index data for Pinellas County, Florida. They are using the data to explore the relative contributions of place, school, and individual/family variables on student absenteeism. This project hopes to demonstrate the utility of integrated data systems to look at how variables in these domains impact absenteeism, both total and chronic, and thus academic performance. 


The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership is sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.