DDK researchers selected as Visiting Fellows at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Project will study increasing access to child care during nontraditional hours
Published: 01.30.2024 Updated: 01.30.2024

Child care supply is limited everywhere, but some parents have even fewer options. Nearly one-third of low-income workers are employed during nonstandard hours (outside the typical 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday workweek), and a growing body of research documents the shortage of child care options that match these workers’ schedules. The limited supply available to these families creates barriers to work due to the mismatch between parents' work schedules and high quality child care arrangements, worsening inequities for children and families.

diversitydatakids.org research scientist Kate Giapponi Schneider and graduate research assistant Elizabeth Wong have been awarded a 2024 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Visiting Fellowship to study the landscape through which child care providers in Massachusetts offer care during nontraditional work hours. Findings from their study will help identify potential policy levers and business practices that can help build the supply of child care that meets the needs of working families with nonstandard schedules.

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